Sunday, February 8, 2009

To meme or not to meme

It's me, Mina, ruler of all that is canid and good and possessor of the almighty Pink Nose of Doom (PNOD). Me and my little not-sister have been tagged for some memifying. Celeste has been disqualified because she went on a walk with my minion without me making her a liar and a thief. *nods* Okay, my minion overruled me and says Celeste can participate. Whatever.

First, a picture depicting the meme. Honest Scrap. I am uncertain of what that means, but who am I to pass judgement upon the scrap of the world? Dozer and Quizz tagged us, by the way.

Okay, so I have to tell 10 honest things about me.

1. I love sleeping. A lot. It's my number one most favorite thing to do.
2. I like to sleep under the covers and press my cold, pink nose against my minion's stomach.
3. When I'm super happy, I do a grrrrrrr and sing to my minion. She sings back and I think she needs practice.
4. Sometimes I cross my eyes to look at my PNOD.
5. I smell my right foot, then my left, just to make sure they smell the same. If not, I lick them until they both smell like my tongue (which smells great, by the way). Dozer does something similar, so I figure I'm in good company.
6. I love little dogs a lot. I do not like puppies all that much, though I tolerate them better than Celeste. But little dogs? I could keep a gaggle of them all for my entertainment. Those little legs and little noses and little tails are all utterly divine. *ahem* Anyway.
7. I was a horse in a past life. This is because my grandmother says I sound like one when I gallop through her house during visits.
8. I stole my minion's bear mace and ate the external canister. My minion was unamused. I told her that if we encounter a bear, all I have to do is breathe on them and voila! dead bear.
(Note from the minion: Mina didn't eat the mace, thank god, just the plastic travel case it was in - she stole it off a table, the little minx). I am not a minx (just being truthful here).
9. I like playing bitey-face with my not-sister. Don't tell her, though.
10. I once ate four days worth of food that my minion left for me on the floor. My minion said I couldn't even fit through the door. Untrue, though I did have trouble getting up stairs and up on the bed. Who leaves food unattended if they didn't want me to it?!?

HEY, It's ME TEAM CELESTE!!! Here's my ten most truthy stuffs!
1. I LOVES GRASS. I could eats it all days long!!!
2. I LOVES GOOSE POOPS. I could eats a whole ten pounds of it!!!
3. I LOVES CHASING GOOSES. I just wants thems to poops sos I can eats it!
4. I LOVES MY MOM. Shes goods at giving me cookies, pets, praises, lovings, and plays goods with my tug toys (cepts when she makes me drops them!)
5. I LOVES MY SISTER, MINA. Shes play bitey faces with me, tugs toys with me, even walks unders me! Shes a good roles model 'specially when it comes to getting into troubles!
6. I LOVES MY GRANDPARENTS. They's sneaks me extra food cuz my mom sometimes starves me!
7. I LOVES CHEWING ON MYSELF. My mom says this is allergies and not appropriates but I does it anyways, cepts when mom gives me apool cidah vinnigar, whatevers that is (truthy? I donts likes it very much).
8. I LOVES PAPERS! They tastes soo good and they're sos fun to tears up. My sister thinks I'm a dork but she eats plastics so I don't trusts her on this issue.
9. I LOVES THE LETTERS SSSSSS. I uses the letters ssss a lot because I thinks it is the best letters. I have two s sounds in my names, which makes me an experts on the letters s!
10. I LOVES ME!!! I thinks self-loves is very importants because if yous don't loves yourselfs then you cants loves nobody elses.


Mina, again.
Now, I am supposed to tag peoples, but I think everyone on my blog list has been tagged. If you have not, I tag you and you are it and my PNOD says you must do this meme. PNOD does not lie.

Okay, and then Daisy the dog (who NEARLY has a PNOD, btw) tagged me and the not-so-little-not-sister to do a photo meme. Never one to back down from showing off my awesome self, here you go.

Here are the rules:
  1. Open a document or file folder
  2. Click on the fifth folder and then the fifth photo
  3. Post the photo and describe it
I mixed things up and went to my minion's photobucket account and picked 2008, the 5th folder and the 5th picture for Celeste. Then I went to 2007 (a good year for me, I think) and did the same for my most awesome self.

Celeste's 5th photo is:

Which truly encapsulates her nutty, I'm a total dork, can-do 'tude.

My 5th photo:

Well. This is embarrassing.

It was '07 (an otherwise good photo year for me) and the minion thought I would look good as a skunk. Which I do, of course, but geez, a skunk? How about just dressing up as me?

Tagging 8 critters:

1. Dozer (and Star too!)
2. Quizz, because we need more pictures of you!
3. Amber-Mae because she can blow bubbles in the water!
4-7. The Dogfathers (Vinnie, Gino, Bruno and dogfatherette Carmela)
8. Mia, who we all hope finds her forever home!

That is all.


Amber-Mae said...

Thanks for sharing all that info about yourself Mina! I loves the grass too. I think we all doggies love the grass. Hehe! I love Celeste's crazy ocean blue eyes. They're so nice! And that picture of you Mina is so funny. I have that skunk costume too & I wore it once & Mommy took a picture of me wearing it. I hated it!

Boogie Woogie,
Solid Gold Dancer

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello mina its dennis the vizsla dog hay i like yore littel skunk soot it mayks yoo luk like the faymus sooperhero rogue from the xmen only yoo ar a kyooter of korse ha ha ok bye

Leila said...

Wow, Miss Mina! You sure look stunning in your costume! Every Halloween, I have to wear the sparkly Halloween Collar of doom. Charlie Too! (hahahaha!)

I'll have Mom delve into my photos and see what she finds. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mina, did you know there is a famous skunk named Pepe Le Pew? Just thought you might want to know.

Anonymous said...

Mina that pitcher of you in the skunk soot jest made Mummy laff and laff. Did you have to get a tomato sause bathies after that??

Yer pal Dozer

Boris said...

Mina and Celeste,
you are two-too truthful pups.

Mina, was your costume trying to tell you something about your doggie breath or your toots? Either way you are a heap of precious, cute pibble in that outfit (takes one to know one) My people like to chew on my face, so I guess it is o.k. to chew on Celeste's.
Have you been out to Wallace-the-Pit-Bull's site to check out that cute pibble. I've got pictures there of mine and Uncle Buck's costumes:

Celelste, I'm glad you call Mina sis. She needs that connection and companionship, especially with so many stuffed animals. On the link above, there is a cute picture of baby Uncle Buck with his menagerie.

Also, check out the photo of my cousins. They like to eat goose droppings too, from those Canook Honkers. They came down with somehting called, girardia or was that gragiola, or was it gargantua. In doggie terms "pair-a-sights", a couple bugs that look at living inside you, which is way beyond pretty nasty. Took a long time for them to kick out those guys and get over. So, PLEASE for your people and Mina, be CAREFUL with that goose poop. Have you mom teach you LEAVE-IT.

I'll check-back, Boris