Monday, February 16, 2009

Attack of the Collars!

Hey everyone, it's ME TEAM CELESTE!!!!1! I hopes y'alls are doing goods. I is doing so greats it's not even funny (it's funniest!) My mom, who is brilliants, boughts me and the big sis each a collar of epic proportions!! She tooks photos sos you could sees how awesomes we ares!

Here's my new brand collars! I calls it Bubbles Universes of Orders! My sister says it looks likes I gots pimples on my collars. I told her her noses is one big pimples. Then she ates me! But she spits me back up cuz I don't fits in her throats and she says I don't tastes so goods. Ha! I wins!

Here I is with my new collar but guesses whats? My mom actually cuts my noses off! I hads to check that I stills had noses cuz this pictures makes me look stoopid and noselesses.

I gaves my mom my best "TEAM CELESTE: NOT AMUSEDS" look.

This is its, my TEAM CELESTE: NOT AMUSEDS! look.

Now ontos my most awesomenesst of sisters, Mina! I has to says, she gots a really neato collars and I am a bit jealous of hers. She says grows up - I says I AM grows up!

Heres it is! Isn't it perdy? I mean not as perdy as my Bubbles Universes of Orders but stills pretty.

Ha ha! Mom cuts off Mina's noses too!!

This doesn't shows Mina's new collars but I includes it cuz I thinks it shows Mina's softers side. Here she is with Barbar II and though her lips is all curleds up it's not cuz she's mean, it's cuz Barbar II is fats. I thinks she looks sooooo cutes in this pictures plusses she is SOOOO embarrasseds by it (she says it makes her looks fats but it doesn'ts so she shoulds stops worrying!)

Anyways, thats alls! Mom also broughts home cooooookiiiiessss to makes up for the new collars in cases we didn't likes them. We dids, though, but we acted likes we didn't so gots lots of cookies.


Burning Moon said...

I really really luv the new collars Celeste. Well, I really really luv them on you and Mina anyway. I HATE collars. I can take ANY collar off and no one can do anythin' about it! I can even sometimes get them off of Noelle and The Princess Fiona.
P.S. I don't think it looks like your collar has pimples.

Amber-Mae said...

I think your new collars are really nice & the colors really stand out on ya both!

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

just in luv said...

You both look beautimous in your new collars! :]

Anonymous said...

Them are sum nice collars. I likes Minas collar espeshully. I broke my collar last week by falling on one of the shiny metal bits when I did a flip so Mummy is gonna have to buy me a new one.

Yer reverse sykologee with the cookys wuz a good plan.

Yer pal Dozer

Leila said...

Like the collars! You both look pretty nifty!