Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stuffie Extravaganza!

Today was The Day to buy stuffies for the dynamic duo. Goodwill produced a veritable jackpot of affordable dog toys (erroneously meant for children). For $6.90, eight stuffies were purchased. Although Mina thinks I'm stingy, I refuse to pay more than $2.00 for a toy (unless it is the mose awesome of toys).

The Need:

As you can see, the toy box has declined. That vintage frog has lost his eyes. The teddy bear is doing his best to obscure the damaged goods beneath him.

The New Goods:

From left to right: Care Bear Stare (face obscured), Leo I the Loser, Leo II the Winner (center back), Orange-cola bear (center), Monkey Face, Babar's Cousin, and Bear VII.

Your Challenge - Find the Pit Bull

She's the one trying to avoid eye contact with the crazy Care Bear Stare creature of doom.

The Dynamic Duo Response:

Celeste: I can has?
Mina: MINE! ALL MINE! Behold my red-laser eye of doom, come any closer and you'll surely perish!!!!
Celeste: So I can not has?

Celeste tackles the evil Care Bear Stare of doom amidst the innards of a previous conquest.

Toy Box After:

Better. Much better.

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Anonymous said...

YES! Toys!! Goodwill is where my Mummy buys my stuffed toys most of the time espeshully when she knows they will not last very long.

Yer pal Dozer