Friday, February 6, 2009

I has a vintage pit bull!

I is the frog, and I has conquered the vintage pit bull! You may not believe this is true but it is because I IS THE FROG!!!!!

Actually, I is CELESTE!!! Team Celeste for the win!

Anyways, sos my sister is here looking all old and ancient, not just cuz shes IS old and ancient but cuz my mom apparentlys used old films. That's my guesses anyways!

And even thoughs my sister tells me I'm funny looking and uses ssss inappropriatelys, I stills tells her that she's goyjus! My mom says thats why she loves me. I hopes it's not the only reason cuz I has lots more positive qualities than just loving my sister!


Burning Moon said...

We think you are gorgeous too and don't mind how you use your "s's" at all. We just hope that someday we'll have a lot of fans like you and your sister have!
The Bully Breed Buddies
(Princess Fiona, Noelle and Freckles)

Daisy Dog said...

That is a lovely portrait of Mina that you are sharings with us Celeste! You are very lovely too!