Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Pink Nose of Doom

We have not been properly introduced, but I am Mina's pink nose of doom.

I make Mina look cool. And by cool, I mean hot. Very hot.

I complement the world, because I *am* the world. Or at least it's rightful ruler, though tragically unrecognized by everyone but Mina and the minion and sometimes that black-nosed creature, Celeste.

I am doomful because I wreak havoc wherever I go, which is everywhere because I *am* everywhere. Nowhere and everything to boot.

Respect me, bow before me. Hail my perdiness and also the dog I'm attached to.

Your ever faithful totalitarian leader,

Pink Nose of Doom (PNOD, if you please)


Mia said...

All hail PNOD! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Pink Nose of Doom! I used to have one of them pink noses too but it slowly turned brown after a whiles. Now I guess it is jest a Brown Nose. I dunno why Mummy is laffing bout that...

Well anyways it is nice to meet you PNOD and if as wurld leeder you can possibly fix the world economee so Mummy can buy me sum ekpensive treets then I would be grateful.

Yer pal Dozer

Anonymous said...

Dear PNOD, I have a Dudley nose, I don't think it is of doom though. Hey your nose is very special, maybe you could get your own show on tv, maybe one day mine won't be so dudley and it will be all pink like yours!

Amber-Mae said...

WOAH!!! Okay, I bow.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mary said...

We bow! We bow!!

Boris said...

Princess Mina,

With thoe beautiful markings, you are a royal gal.

Let me know if you need a RNOD as a prince pal? (Red-Nose of Doom)

A big play bow to you. Keep the stories and pic's coming, and I'll
Check-Back, Boris