Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mina's Christmas Opinion

It is full of woe.


Anonymous said...

You didnt like Christmas huh. Is it cause you did not get lots of gifts? I didnt get many either AND I had to be a Very Good Dawg all day AND nobuddy wanted to play with me AND I did not get any speshull foodies. Dang now I believe my Christmas wuz also full of woe I just didnt reelize it till now. Aw shucks.

Yer pal Dozer

Rinalia said...

Hey Dozer,

I only got four nylabones and NO teddy bears, which is pretty emo-tastic, if you ask me.

Plus, my minion made me walk in public with a bleeping jingly collar on, alerting all the evil squirrels I was coming. Pretty unfair.

I cannot believe no one wanted to play with you!! Even more shocking is you didn't get special food - at the very least, the minion makes me and the not sister a special Doggy X-Mas dinner.

With play bows,
Miss Mina

Amber-Mae said...

Why does she look so sad? We hop your Christmas was great...

Solid Gold Dancer

Daisy Dog said...

Well Mina did santa bring you any new toys? I got a new toy but I liked Sprockets new toy better. Maybe you are looking sad cuz you had to wear a silly hat.