Wednesday, December 31, 2008


<----- Not the actual deer

Hey everyone, it's me CELESTE!!!11!!!

So first of alls, Happy News Year! This is going to be a BIG news year. I started it off right early by hunting a ginormously large buck who had antlers the size of a whale. I'm pretty sure you'll see me on the cover of your local papers tomorrow morning.

My mom and most awesome of big sisters, Mina, were out and about running frees when alls of a sudden, this ginormously large buck comes zoomifying out in front of us. My mom is all "Oh, dear" and I'm all "Yeah, duh! CHASE!" Then my mom is all "Oh, don't do that Celeste. Celeste! CELESTE!!!" and I'm all "Yeah, I'll get us some dinners!!!" And Mina was all "You are all so embarrassing." I'm sure she was just referring to the deer.

The one thing I do nots expect with my food is for them to be way big and way fasters than me. My most awesome of big sisters is actually shorter than me so she's not really big. Not that I'd eat her anyways. Anyways, like I was saying, this big ol deer creature escaped my clutches so I had to comes running backs to my mom in shame.

Happy News Year!!!! Hope you make the cover of the newspaper but in a good, non deer hunting way!


Anonymous said...

Hey wowza Celeste you are awful brave to chase that big ol deer!! Big thangs like that scare me a lot. At least you did not get lost while chasing the deer.

Yer pal Dozer

Leila said...

Wow Celeste! I hunted my reindeer I got for Christmas, but not the REAL thing! You are so brave!

When I was really little I lived on the farm my mom grew up on and there were lots and lots of deer there, but I only smelled them. Sometimes, I followed their trail and forgot to come back when I was called. Mom and Grandma were really mad.

Good luck on the next hunt!


Dannan and The Girl said...

Woah, Celeste, I've never seen a deer before, but I would totally chase any that I came across too! You never know when you might catch the things you chase, I am always hopeful that today will be the day that I catch a bird!

Happy WROO year to you and Miss Mina and your Mom!
Brown dog kisses,

Amber-Mae said...

Wow! Now if only you managed to get hold of it. I think it would be a fantastic dinner!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer