Sunday, September 28, 2008

When pit bulls invade your bathroom

The scene: The bathroom.
The cast:
Me: Doing bathroomie stuff
Miss Mina: Doing her best to annoy the crap out of me

Me: What the heck are you doing in here, Mina?
Mina: *sits by leg* Oh, you know, I was just checking in to see if you still remembered I existed. That's all.
Me: ?
Mina: Sometimes you forget. Like a few minutes ago? I was on the bed staring at you while you brushed your hair. I stared. And sighed. And harrumphed. Yet you just kept on brushing - I think three brushes is sufficient, it's not like your going on a hot date or anything.
Me: Gee. Thanks. I'm sorry I ignored your awesome sighing, melodramatic ways.
Mina: Oh now you sarcasm me. Fine. I'm leaving.
Me: *stares down at pit bull still leaning into her leg* Um...
Mina: *startles* Oh yeah. Going now....moving slowly away, going to go huddle in a corner, abandoned once again by a subpar minion.
Me: *baffled* Subpar? You're acting weird this morning.
Mina: Pshaw, weird is Celeste.
Me: Anyway, do you want to go with me to get coffee?
Mina: Do I ever! With Celeste?
Me: Nope, just you and me.
Mina: *twirls in a circle* Woo-hoo! *ahem* I mean, let me check my schedule. I have a busy life, you know, I mean I don't just lie on the bed all day when you're gone pining for you to return. More important things to do, you know. I've got a busy social life, let me tell you. I mean just the other day....
Me: Mina! Do you want to go or not?
Mina: Yeah! I mean, yes I would be delighted to accompany you and make sure your caffeine addiction does not get wildly out of control.
Me: Thanks.

And the minion and her pit bull went off in search of soy extra bold coffee freddos and a chocolate, chocolate vegan muffin of doom.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm I will have to try this tactic....

Anonymous said...

Hi Mina hey I also likes to be in the bathroom with Mummy. I always lay on the shower mat while she does her bathroom thangs and she sez dang Dozer you getted white furs all over everythang! Ha ha its to remind her of me no matter if she leaves the house.

The Girl said...

Miss Mina, we're so sorry we haven't been by your blog in so long! We're trying to catch up...

It is so good of you to make sure your minion doesn't overdo the caffeine. You also, I'm sure, protect her from spilling it and making a big mess. I don't think she appreciates all the things you do for her!

Brown dog kisses,