Sunday, August 31, 2008

When muttskies go to the park

The scene: Albany park where dogs roam off leash and humans do as well.
The cast:
- Celeste, great, gullible muttskie of doom
- Me, poor human of doom

Celeste Pup by you.

Me: Celeste! What on earth are you trying to eat?
Celeste: I don't know! It's goopy, clear, smooshy and eww! yucky!
Me: Oh for the love...that's a dead jellyfish, don't eat that!!
Celeste: BUT MOM I AM STARVING! I haven't eaten in hours, possibly two million hours!
Me: Don't you know there are dogs starving in all parts of the world, who don't have a warm bed to sleep in, good company or an older sister named Mina?!?
Celeste: *GASP* They don't? We should visit them! We can bring Mina along and she can tell them all about the great stuff we get to do. But you have to promise not to let Mina leave me there. It's something she'd do, even though I know she loves and adores me lots. Let's go! *runs off, trips, falls into a bush*
Me: Geez Celeste, are you okay?
Celeste: *piece of grass sticking out of her mouth* Wow, this is great stuff! I'm going to eat it all the time, day and night and noon and dusk and dawn and such.
Me: What about those starving dogs?
Celeste: I'll throw it up for them!
Me: You're gross.

And thus the dynamic duo (plus friend and her three dogs) wandered aimlessly through the park, avoiding dead jellyfish, drinking polluted bay water (the dogs did this, not the humans). The day ended well. :)


Anonymous said...

What is a jelly fish! Do you put it on bread with p-nut butter? mmmm P-nut butter.

Rinalia said...

Celeste here, wow! A jellyfish pnut butter sammich! I'm gonna tell my mom to make me some, thanks!

The Girl said...

We just found your blog through Save the Pit Bull, Save the World. We're really excited to get to know you!

And The Girl wants me to tell you that she thinks your job sounds incredible! She wants a job just like it!

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan and The Girl

Rinalia said...
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Rinalia said...

Hi Dannan and The Girl, Celeste here: My mom has a very fabulous job, because she comes home smelling like all sorts of crazy things. Which just makes me very happy, because I like smelling things. A lot. I hope you do too, because I think that's what a dog's nose is for (my sister, Mina, says it's to stay out of her business, whatever that means).

Anyway, my mom and I and even my sister Mina are excited to get to know you too! (I also like going belly up when people come and visit because I think this is a very sneaky way to guard the house!)


Anonymous said...

Omigosh someone sed peenut butter???? Where??? I dunno what jellyfish is but Ill eat it if I get peenut butter to wash it down! Jest shove it all in my Kong pleeze thank you very much.