Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When pit bulls get cozy

The scene: Night time, my bed.
The cast:
Mina - sleepy, apparently freezing pit bull
Celeste - awake, non-freezing muttskie
Me - Me

Mina: *whispers* Pssst, minion. Hey, minion! WAKE UP MINION!!!!
Me: Wa-huh? What? Are you insane Mina? It's 4 in the morning! I have three more hours of cotton candy eating dreams to fulfill.
Mina: Well, I noticed you have a lot of blanket available.
Me: And?
Mina: *sighs* Did YOU notice none of that blanket is covering my freezing self?
Me: Oh for the love of cotton candy. *drapes blanket over Mina*
Mina: Ahhhhhhh, that's the stuff. Hey, I see you have an extra pillow just lying there, doing nothing.
Me: Yeah?
Mina: I'm taking it.
Me: Fine.
*five minutes later wet nose pokes Me in stomach*
Me: Now what the heck are you doing?
Mina: What do you mean? You have a Mina-shaped spot right by your stomach - who am I to deny you, my ever-dear minion, the chance for a bit of Mina snuggling?
Me: You are obnoxious.
Mina: Takes one to know one.
Me: Wa-huh?
Mina: Go to sleep, minion.


happypitbull said...

He he, this is exactly what Dozer does, except with a LOT less class. It starts all cute and cuddly, but after a while D gets too hot being sandwiched between me and hubby, and he starts kicking and squirming and shoving and scooting. Next thing I know he's lying horizontal and me and hubby are each dangling off a side. This is a king-size bed. Dozer has never made it through a night on the bed; I always have to tell him "off" after about an hour.

CeliaSue Hecht said...

cutey Mina... well, cici just takes up the entire bed, she is one big bed hog, I am lucky she allows me to be on the bed at all... she loves to snuggle into my belly, sit on my head or legs, or rear, and sit on the blanket, basically I am her pillow... and when she starts woofing, wagging her tail and kicking her paws in her sleep, watch out... (i did a blog post about sleeping with your dog)...

Anonymous said...

Well I just wake up my mum by talking to her when I am cold so she will cover me with my blankie. I have to sleep in my basket, cuz mom makes me (insert very sad pit bull face here).