Monday, March 9, 2009


Hey everyone, it's me Team CELESTE!!!!!1!! FOR THE WINS!

Okays, so this "RABBIT" (read = food) is actuallys from the sanctuarys where my mom works and she says I cannots ever ever eats him. WUT?!?

Anyways, 'nufs about this stooopids rabbits who I can't eats, let's talks about yesterdays MASSIVE HUNTING EXPEDITION PART TROIS.

My mom and my biggest most awesomest of sisters went to a parks where I picked the path and gots us lost (accordings to the mom and sister, but not accordings to me!)

Then I saws food and I says "MOM, I'll solves our lost problems by catchings us some foods!!!" and my mom was all "What are you talking about?" So then I rans off real fast like and charged after the foods with all mights. My moms was encouraging-like with her yellings; I'm pretty sures she was tellings me I was such a good, good dog and that I had not shamed my family for taking the wrong paths!

Turns out these rabbit creatures are uber fast; I mean almost as fast that big buck I nearly ated. I almosts ated the rabbit when outs of nowheres I was brutally attacked by a rocks. Maybe even two rocks. The rocks not only tripped me but smacked me goods in the eye. RUDE!

So my foods got away and I had to hang my head and return to the mom in shame. She praiseds me so I think I mights try capturing foods again so I can gets praises! Mina said I was a loser with no sense of directions. Directionless losers for the wins!!! YAY TEAM CELESTE!!!


Anonymous said...

I have never seed a bunny outsides my house when my Mummy bringed one home fer a little whiles. Does you mean that there is real live bunnys outsides? Well I have jest lerned sumthang new!

I hopes you wuz able to tell them rocks whats what. I have been atacked by rocks trees fences trailers sheds walls dirtpiles pots parked cars and all kinds of other thangs what jest dont know how to get out of the ways of important bizness like chasing thangs!

Yer pal Dozer

Leila said...

I see rabbits every morning when me and my mom go for walks. Sometime I see them before my mom and I go for them. Then my mom says all sort of things about Rabbits and I have to walk really close to her then.

Apparently Rabbits are not my friends.


Burning Moon said...

Oh my dogness, I totally understand your frustration. Mommy has THREE rabbits in our house that I am not allowed to have. Sometimes she even lets them out of their cages and I can sniff them through the baby gate. One time I even touched one with my nose but Mommy stood right there telling me to be nice. I tried to tell her it would be really nice to eat the rabbit but she didn't get it!