Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where's the sun?

Hey everyone, it's me CELESTE!!!!1!

So where's the sun? I'm getting concerned that global cloud coverage has increased lots and the clouds have eaten the sun or at least the sun's light. I stared real hard at a light bulb but it's so stupid it don't know hows to be a sun. I could be a better sun than it.

My big most awesome of sisters Mina's is also worried. She's got the short hair and gets the shivers like every five minutes. I says to my mom that she should knit my shedded hair together and make a coat for my big most awesome of sisters. Then my mom breaks out this really awesome plaid thing called a coat - can you believe my most awesome sister gets a COAT?!? A COAT!?! It also repels ebil rain that comes from the global cloud coverage. I wants a coat so bad and not just because Mina gets one. Okay, because Mina gets one. Still, coat please?

Also, sun. Yes. Sun. Me wants it back.


Anonymous said...

Yes I concur I want the sun back and I also want a reel coat not that stoopid Daddy-shirt that Mummy pinned on me one time. Celeste where does I sign up fer this sun and coat club?

Yer pal Dozer

Dennis the Vizsla said...

hello mina and celeste hay we mostly stil hav sun heer in sandy eggo if yoo want to come visit!!! ok bye

Anonymous said...

i want the sun to come back too! i agree with celeste that light bulbs doesnt know how to be a good sun. and i want a thick fur coat like puppy has. i'm jealous because he never ever seems cold. he even goes outside and lays down in that cold white stuff like its as warm as the couch is. maybe i should start saving his fur that he sheds and make myself a coat that way too.