Monday, December 15, 2008

When little dogs try to eat me

Hey everyone, Mina here. Today, I was out with the minion doing my business when out of nowhere a little midget dog-rat-porcupine cross came out and tried to eat my very perdy pink nose of doom. Now, maybe insecure loser dogs would try and eat these irksome little midget dogs but I am neither insecure nor a loser. So, I dodged razor sharp teeth, peed, and whacked one of the munchkin dogs in the head with my tail. Then the pint-size monsters' owner came out and she was appalled, APPALLED, that they were attacking me*. So she scooped them up and took them away from my royal self.

When we got back inside, my minion just had to have me type up this post so she could include pictures of how often I get mauled by midget dogs.

Left is me being violated by an italian greyhound. He's neutered. I'm spayed. It was true wuv. Except that he also tried to mate with my head which is not true love, it's gross.

Here I am with Bulldog King of the Stuffed. As you can see, he is at my throat trying to eat me. It was only through my charm and good looks I was able to avoid evisceration by squeaky royalty.

See, I was even nice my little not-sister when she was small and full of vim and vigor and needle teeth. Now she's big and I can walk under her and still tell her who's boss (that would be me).

Anyway, I think this is sufficient evidence that I'm very tolerant of smallish canine-like creatures. Be they not-sisters or stuffed or humping my head.

*The Minion Speaks: Actually, the owner was appalled that my leashed pit bull was anywhere near their two unleashed minions of satan. I tried to be annoyed by their behavior but it's hard when Mina is being such a seriously awesome dog.

PS: I got an award! I'm so very proud of my award achievements. Thank you, Dozer!


  • List six things that makes you happy
  • Give the award to six creative bloggers and link to their sites
  • Tell the bloggers they received the award
  • Link to the blog where the award came from

Here are six thangs that makes me happy:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Walking with the minion
  3. Eating while sleeping
  4. Teddy bears
  5. Getting massaged
  6. Sleeping
Six creative bloggers:

  1. Dannan, the little brown dog
  2. Have cake, will travel (me and the minion drool every time we look at the pictures)
  3. Travels with Cici
  4. Save the pit bull, save the world
  5. Mina (yes, me).
  6. Animal Place sanctuary (because I like cows)


Dennis the Vizsla said...

You are a very patient girl! Congratulations on the award!

Anonymous said...

I am in awed of yer coolness with them terrible nasty dawgs! I would have torn them all to bits or at least I would have growled a bunch. Kids these days got no manners huh.

Leila said...

You have excellent manners. My mom is impressed! Little snappy dogs are SOOOO not cool.

Congrats on the award!


Anonymous said...

You are so regal for not putting that little dog in his place! Now you truly deserve the title bestowed upon you!

Dannan and The Girl said...

Wroooooo!!! Thank you for the award, Miss Mina!!! (Any tips on how to get The Girl to post it soon?!)

When I saw that picture of your royal self being violated, I was astonished! How rude! (Rude like a Min Pin, maybe!) I am glad that you were able to see the ridiculousness of the situation. I would have tried to eat that Italian greyhound, I'm afraid.

It's too typical that the little dogs' owner would be afraid of YOU when it was her dogs that were (a) loose, and (b) behaving so badly!

You are very patient and tolerant, Miss Mina. I will strive to be more like you.

Brown dog kisses,

Anonymous said...

when i walk my beautiful pittie girl- and people act that way with their little dogs... i just tell my lily-girl that 'those little dogs bite & have bad attitudes' i also say this loud enough so the owners of these little dogs can hear themselves. My dog is always calm and friendly-its the little dogs that go nuts.

Amber-Mae said...

You are a very calm & soft tempered girl. That's good! I don't like when I get bitten by mini monsters too.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

CeliaSue Hecht said...

you are sooooo funny... yes, Cici and I also rue the days we meet up with tiny little punky foo foo dogs who yap, bite and snap... one of these days, nah, Cici is too well behaved at lectures and malls... showing off her pink belly and untying shoelaces...

thanks for the award !