Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mina discusses training

Hey everyone, it's me Mina. This is not a picture of me training; it's an embarrassing photo of me playing with a toy. My minion decided to use this photo because she is evil. I have no control over that fact.

In any event, I'm in training. We go every week and I get tortured. I have to do stuff like sit, and stay and "watch" and not tell the other dogs that they suck and I rule. That is very hard because the fact of that matter is that I do rule and all other dogs, excepting any dog reading this blog, are not cool.

My minion says that I did so fantabulously on Sunday that I get to do extra training with THE BEST TRAINER IN THE WORLD (she is, really) for something called a See-Gee-See, which I hope involves cookies. My minion is unsure if I'll actually pass because she says I have a bad case of the Sassy Snark-a-tude when it comes to other dogs (who look at me funny) but since I did so well in class, she was going to give it a try. I had to remind her that it was ME who going to give it a try and maybe I might not.

This is my second time around with THE BEST TRAINER IN THE WORLD and I hope there will be a third and a fourth because the trainer really is THE BEST IN THE WORLD. That's just fact.

My not-sister is pretty jealous about this training bit, so the minion says she can get some training too. I told the minion she could send the not-sister away for boarding school training but then my not-sister actually cried and I felt bad. Then I got over it and told Celeste not to be a pansy. Celeste says she'll be a pansy if it will get her cookies. Me too, actually.

That's all on the Mina Rules homefront.


Anonymous said...

Mina wow good lucks on the Cee Gee Cee. I could never pass that cause I jest dont like other dawgs enuff to put up with that nonsense. But Mummy did take me to the Ay Tee Tee Ess test and I passed that one fine so my name is really Dozer TT cause when I passed the test I getted a title TT what goes at the end of the name. But Mummy jest calls me Dozer You Dum Dum most of the time which is not a title at all.

Training is really the bestest thang what with all the treats and luv!! You is lucky to have that fun times.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Sorry, what? I was busy gawking at that adorable picture of you and your toy.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Does that mean I am cool! YEA YEA YEA! Oh and ya I had to do some of that training stuff. I sucks, except for the cheese, hold out for the cheese. Oh wait whats a CGC and a ATTE huh? I didn't get any letters for my trainings!