Monday, November 17, 2008


Mina and Celeste are excited to receive their first award from A Chicken Story, detailing the trials and tribulations of one Miss Peepers and her very awesome human caregivers. Well, Celeste is certifiable-excited, while Mina is wondering if this award comes with cookies. Then when Mina mentioned cookies, Celeste became enamored with the idea so much that I had to actually go and feed them cookies. This is how they work their magic on me.

In any event, thank you!

To pass on the love, I'd like to share this award to the following who may or may not have received this award already. And if they have, remember those doublemint commercials - double the fun, right? Yes.

1) Save the pit bull, save the world: Journey with the caregiver of two awesome and challenging (who happen to be my favorite kind of dog, so take that as a compliment!) dogs, Luce and Mushroom.
2) Have cake, will travel: Gorgeous photographs of delicious food, all vegan all the time. :)
3) Daisy the dog: An adorable pit bull discusses life and all that goes with being a dog.
4) Everyone, because I really don't like having to pick.

Happy Monday, everyone.


Celine said...

I'm with Mina and Celeste: the award definitely needs to come with cookies! it's sweet enough on its own, no doubt, but come on...cookies?
thank you for this!

Dennis the Vizsla said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Congratulations and thank you!! We is going to put up our awards right now!!!!