Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Book Incident

Me: Celeste! Is that a book in your mouth?
Celeste: Phwhatt?
Mina: Ha! You, pup, are in SO much trouble. The minion thinks books are like liver treats laced with dog-friendly chocolate.
Me: Celeste, books are for reading, NOT chewing.
Celeste: I was reading! With my teeth! It's a new skill I've been practicing.
Me: *sigh* Well stop, your teeth are taking Lost in a Good Book too literally.
Celeste: *huff* Well, fine. I'll just go chew on my big sister! Hey, big sister, let me chew on you!! Please!
Mina: First, I'm NOT your big sister, I don't care what that crazy guy said. Second, OUCH! QUIT IT!

And then Mina ate Celeste. It was bound to happen. See evidence below.

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