Monday, August 3, 2009

Awards and Awesomeness

I am happy to report that Celeste's Lion-Nose Stigmata has disappeared. This was a very embarrassing condition that made walks uncomfortable. Recreational time was okay, due to the fact I could just grab her lion-nose stigmata and pretend it was Celeste's actual nose.

Anyway, we got an award due to my beauty and awesomeness. My minion considers this rather self-indulgent and egomaniacal, but what does she know?

The award we received from Daisy who is a pit bull with a pinkish nose, which makes her pretty cool. Celeste does not like to speak of Daisy due to the fact she is Dozer's boyfriend and this makes Celeste jealous.

So I have to give seven beauty secrets and then pass it along to seven other bloggers:

1) Roll in the grass for an absolutely delightful scent that will make all the dogs go wild, including the annoying french poodle next door.
2) Get a lot of sleep, preferably 18-22 hours daily.
3) Stay in shape by chasing around you not so little not sister.
4) Streeeeetch. A lot. Stretch in the morning, afternoon and evening, before and after naps, after meals and right before you head bonk your minion (this will keep you limber and provide entertainment).
5) Paint your nose pink.
6) Eat flaxseed oil, like ten capsules a day or a whole bottle so you will be glossy and shiny.
7) Floss. Maybe with your not so littler not sister's leg. Or not.

Seven bloggers:
1) Addy
2) Dannan (handsome secrets, not beauty secrets of course)
3) Princess
4) Amber
5) Luce
6) Bella
7) Baily

So if winning an award wasn't great enough, Dozer also passed on a meme promoting awsomeness. Now, I am surprised Dozer actually shared this as he's been known to not share things. So, in his honor, I'm not sharing this meme with ANYONE. Ha!

Seven reasons why I, Mina, is Awesome:
1) Pink nose of doom.
2) Perfectly shaped ears.
3) Ability to sleep through an earthquake.
4) My emo and angsty nature
5) PINK NOSE OF DOOM (differs from #1 in many ways that I cannot articulate)
6) I do not stoop to the depths of slor where my not-so-little-not-sister lives
7) I have a fan club.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mina rite on way to fite the power wut makes us share thangs!!! I did not reely want to share that meme cause I thinked that is wun thang wut makes me awsum... but Mummy made me do it. I thinks you prolly are more awsum doo to the fakt that yer minion cannot make you share if you dont wanna.

Yer pal Dozer

Princess said...

Hi Mina! Thanks for passing along that award. I don't know if I can top your beauty secrets but I'll try!