Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I is traineds part deux!

Hey everyone, it's me, Team Celestes!!!!1!!. This pictures is a portrait of my youngers self trainings my bigger sisters to shares. She is stills in trainings for this very importants issues!

Yesterdays was my very first days of trainings! Remembers, I is already traineds but my most awesome of mom's thinks this will helps my self-esteems around dogs.

The classes was full of lots of peoples, which I loves, and lots of dogs, which I felts was a bit weirds since I was tolds it was all about MY TRAININGS. I got lots of treats and that is also a goods things!

There was a mop-dogs named Bella who I thought might be friends with mes but we are nots alloweds to approachs the other dogs. This is goods because I do not likes most dogs approachings me at alls. There was also a miniature Australian Shepherds who kept yellings at me, but who I wouldn't gives the times of days. There was a Mina-dogs, a Boxer-dogs, a ginormously larges mastiff-dogs, a babys doberman pinschers dogs and a dogs who looked sorta likes me but without the cool eyes and awesome temperaments.

We sat (I knows sit, silly trainers!) and we downeds (I know downs, stilly trainers!) and we did some FOCUSES on our peoples (I know FOCUSES, silly trainers!)

All in all, I hads a lots of fun at the trainings. This shall continues next weeks when I goes to trainings agains. I is working hards on being the tops of my classes so I can impresses Mina with my mad skillz!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun Celeste, remember you are not just getting trained, your human is too!

Kaelin said...

TEamCeLESTE!!!! posts are my favorite. While Mina is clearly Queen of the Universe and All that is Serene, Celeste makes me pee myself laughing.

Good luck with the training, Celeste!

velena from lj

Anonymous said...

Good job Celeste and remember that the most important part of traning is not the tricks it is getting all the treets!!

Yer pal Dozer