Friday, May 22, 2009

How I earneds my Worst Dogs Labels!!!

Hey everyone, it's me Team CELESTES!!!1!!

My bestest moms has given me a brands news titles!!! She's called me the Worst Dogs in the Worlds!! I thinks this should be an awards.

I earneds this title on last weeks walks. My bestest mom and mes were all Lets go for a walks and Mina was all, uh no I don't thinks so. So it was just me and the moms.

Anyways, it starteds off goods, but then I was all Heys! lets go over theres!!! And my mom is all Hey, let's not. But I went off over theres anyways. Then my moms stood very stills and I couldn't figure out whys and I couldn't get over theres because of the darneds leash! SO I pulleds and pulleds and I whineds and I pulleds some more trying to conveys my messages. She ignoreds me!!

So then I decideds on a new tactics called Circling the Wagons and Tripping Thems! But change wagons to moms and you gets the ideas. So I circleds the wagons and tripped her and then she fells down which I thought meants we should plays. She did not thinks so and she actually yelleds at me!!

Well fine I says, two can plays the yelling games so I yelleds at a trees, a squirrels, a loose dogs, a leashed dogs, and two very funny looking birds. I was thinkings of yelling at a phone poles when my moms says ENOUGHS!! minus the S and then she just turns arounds! I didn't want to turns arounds so I trieds to go back to yellings at the birds, but she just tugged me alongs like I was a dog on a leashes!!! Rudes is what I tells her!

So then I figures I should shows her how awesomes I am and we shoulds go back to finish the walks. I do this by leapings from her left sides to her right sides and barreling into an old lady! I thought this would shows that I is very friendly and I kept my loose leashes and now can we finishes the walks!?!?!

My moms was appalleds, APPALLEDS is how I she puts it. Minus the S.

Anyways, we gots home and she would not talks to me all days long and when she finally dids, she called me the Worst Dogs in the Worlds! Mina laugheds and saids she knews that the very first time she laids eyes on me and I trieds to eat her noses. Mina didn't actually laugh because we don'ts laugh, but she did snorts in a very unladylikes way.

So thats how I earneds my new titles. I'll shares it with you ANY TIMES!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Celeste, gulliable young muttskie. That is not a good award, you beeter not share that one with anyone! Maybe you need to get a Haltie like me so that you cannot trip your momma.

Anonymous said...

Well it shore sounds like it wuz a fun walk! I wunder wut yer Mummys problem wuz?? Mebbe she had a headake?

Liverworst is purty tastee. So I reckon it is okay to be called a Worst.

Yer pal Dozer

Leila said...

Oh no Celeste! Your Mom wouldn't talk to you all day? Oh My! You can't trip your Mom! How can she walk you if she's hurt. I think you need to give her a big apology and lots of kisses, then walk really really good.

We have to be careful with our humans!

Your friend Quizz

Puppy said...

oh hai! i'm very very good at the circle the wagons game with my mom! last weekend i even taught my new little sister how to do it and we tied our mom up real good at the pet store. we did so good we did it again and again. i think we should get awards for doing it the mostest. mom got a new leash and says we cant tie her up now, but i'm still gonna try!

puppy, molly, and yesididit

Amber-Mae said...

I think you should totally earn an award or maybe a badge! We hope your Mama has forgiven you.

Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

Leila said...

Hey Celeste & Mina! Just so you know, I gave you guys and your mom an award! Thanks for being so cool!
Your friend Quizz

Princess said...

Mom and I left you an award too!

Mom's called me the worst dog a couple times too, and it happened on walks! I don't know why they don't understand there's too much fun stuff to look at!!