Monday, April 27, 2009

Hows we fight swine flu!

Hey everyones, it's me Team Celestes!!!! and I'm heres to tell you hows we fights the swine flus. Now, firsts offs, let me say that I do nots think the swine flu is funny, per se, because I hears that some hoomans have actuallys dieds from this! Which is sads, because hoomans have always been nices to me and my mom is a hoomans so I woulds like them not to dies from the flus. Soooo, in orders to protects my moms and all yous other hoomans, I has created a coupld of methods I thinks will protects from the flus. My moms says she does not endorses these methods, but *I* endorses these methods and that shoulds be enough!

Here's our methods

Methods Une: Looks everywheres!

Mina looks to the lefts (her rights) to makes sures there's no swine flus over there and I looks to the rights (my rights) and make sures there's no swine flus over there toos.

As you can sees, neithers of us has swine flus, so this is a very effective methods for evading the swine flus!

Method Deux: Looks in same directions!

Nows, if the swine flus is tryings to attack from lefts and then rights, it's very, very, very, VERY likelys it will trys to attacks from the fronts. It is also common knowledges that swine flus do not attack from behinds, because swine flus is actually not deviouss but quites polite in attackings from left, right or fronts.

Anyways, this is how we detects the swine flus from the fronts. You must also holds your breaths, which I cants do, but I also cants gets the swine flus.

Methods Trois: Go nekkids!
Here's Mina's most favoritest methods of avoidings the swine flus - go nekkids!

My moms says this is not possibles for hoomans in most circumstances so I suggests an alternatives by wearings a collar with yours name on its, likes I do...collars are likes clothes, rights? Rights!

Anyways, we hopes these three methods helps you helps yourself to avoids the swine flues. We also hopes this whole flus thing does nots get too craaaazy and hurts lots of hoomans, because I likes hoomans. I also likes swines, because I mets one once at my mom's works and he was very polites and didn't give me or my moms any diseases, so I don't thinks he's the causes of the swine flus.

Signing offs,


Anonymous said...

Go Celeste. The alpacas have been using these methods, and thanks to you they have not caught the swine flu.

Anonymous said...

P.S. The guinea pigs have been hiding, and they haven't caught the swine flu either. Could there be alternative methods?

Leila said...

Wow Celeste! You sure are creative! But I don't understand why my mom won't stop giggling. This is serious business, stopping this swine flu. I need to protect her and the grandma!

Mom's they are funny people.

Your friend Quizz

Princess said...

Wow those are great skills...i'm going to practice those tonight to help protect my mom! Glad your helping to save hoomans, they are kind of great aren't they?!

Anonymous said...

Wow such great methods, we will have to try it! Perhaps you should consult with the CDC!

laura said...

thank you so much for the smiles. i will pass on your wonderful instructions to my doggies so we can stay healthy too.

Amber-Mae said...

We heard about the horrible swine flu too. We hope it does not come to our country too. We are terrified!

Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

Well this is a good strategee and definitely better than the usual way that peeple treet the sickies. Jest say no to skary shots and icky pills!!

Yer pal Dozer