Thursday, March 19, 2009

Minion considers dog a lamb

Yesterday, the minion arrived late. And why did the minion arrive late and then not take me (and the not-sister) on a walk? Because she was cheating on me, that's why. She tells me that she just HAD to take pictures of - in her words - "lambkins". Lambkins? Whatever.

So she shows me the photos of the "lambkins" and what do I see? This:

Now, I am not one to be too judgmental and I am certainly not the jealous type but two things struck me about this photo as odd. One - not enough lambkins. Two - that black and white creature trotting along in front is not a lambkin or a lamb or even an ovine. That is a dog. I repeat, A DOG (capitalized to emphasize the DOGGNESS of the dog).

She tried to fool me again with this picture, claiming you could barely see the dog. You know, the one lying down in the front corner of the picture? Yes, charmingly easy to miss that creature.

I told the minion she has a lot of making up to do including taking me on a ten-mile stroll (or 3-miles) and taking pictures of my pink nose of doom. Lots of them. Oh, and she has to get rid of that little not-sister fast. On that account, she refuses. She always does.

At the very least, she did not bring the dog home, claiming he was having way too much fun working. Then - get this - she implied that *I* don't work enough, that maybe *I* should get a job. I say monitoring my minion and keeping her on the straight and narrow path, except when we should be romping in the big open field, IS my job. And a hard one at that. Geez, no appreciation here.


Anonymous said...

I likes lams but only with rice ha ha ha. No seeriusly I do.

Yer pal Dozer

Leila said...

Nope, there is no justice.


Burning Moon said...

Yup, the people seem to think they can get away with everything. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to get back at her.