Monday, March 23, 2009

I is goings to the trainings!!!

Hey everyone, it's me TEAM CELESTES!!!11! And guess whats?!? I is goings to go trainings tomorrows with my BEST MOM EVERS! I do not knows what this trainings is and my BEST MOM EVERS says I has betters not eats the other dogs, but I thinks it involves C-O-O-K-I-E-S and facts is I loves cookies!

Anyways, this is my reactions to when the BEST MOM EVERS saids trainings was happenings!

Haha, huhs?

Anyways, I'm nots 100,000% sures if I will likes trainings (I will likes cookies forever) but my BEST MOM EVERS says we gots to trys our bestests. Wells, I hopes she tries her bestests because I ALWAYS am bestest, excepts when my most awesomests of biggest sisters does somethings. Then she is the bestests. I'll lets you knows how the trainings go and if they kicks us out or whats.

Oh waits, my BEST MOM EVERS wants to say somethings!!!

I only want to comment to clarify that Celeste is a fear-aggressive dog around other dogs. Not full-out "I'll eat you" aggressive, but snarly, ZOMG!!! Get away from me! I will die! aggressive. The training club is allowing Celeste to come for an evaluation to see if she can be in group classes or if I have to save up money for a private trainer. I'm certainly crossing my fingers that she will do okay - she doesn't need to play with the others, just ignore them and focus on me (which is her preferred modus operandi when unknown dogs approach her).


Leila said...

Ooo! Good Luck Celeste! I hope that you can go and make new friends.

Your friend the Quizz

Anonymous said...

Hey Celeste how did training class go? I also does not like other dawgs so I unnerstand that mebbe class wuz not so fun! Stoopid Star thinks that dawgs are wunnerful how dum is that??

Yer pal Dozer

Amber-Mae said...

Celeste, how kool! How did your 1st class go? Did you get tons & tons of cookies? Yum!

Belly jiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer